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You Will Find The Latest Solutions to Your Credit Issues With Our New Do-It-Yourself DVD ~ Probably The Best Investment You May Ever Purchase....

We Can Help Establish Trusts ~ Foundations ~ Offshore Business Corporations ~ In Some Cases You May Enjoy 15-20 Year Tax Exemptions For Foreign Corporations...

Our Mission Statement is to Produce the Highest Quality Anti-Aging Products at the Most Affordable Prices ~ With a Customer Support that is 2nd To None Others...

WE Specialize in Oceanfront Hotel & Casinos ~ Over 30 Active Listings Starting at Only $9 million to $1.4 Billion with ROI of 5 to 7 Years!!....

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Bethea Enterprises incorporates various business entities that have been expanded over the years from our original Global Transfers International of 1999 to what now includes:
Fountain of Youth International
CreditMedic Club
Federal Debt Corp
Oceanfront Hotels International
Global Banco Lts of Panama
Pacific Mutual Group of New Zealand
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Bethea Enterprises Ltd of South Carolina, along with our, Bethea Enterprises S.A. of Panama is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a very wide range of services for our clients in many areas of the financial world, as well as, our amazingly new Medical Anti-Aging Cosmetical solutions. 



Our newest venue is our "CREDITMEDIC CLUB" ~ A revolutionary new "Do-It-Yourself" Credit Restoration & Privacy Protection Program DVD ~ This user-friendly DVD will provide you with the latest useful updates in our credit laws & rules, while also showing you the most effective ways to use them for your own benefit ~ Whether you are seeking to understand how our credit systems work, from FICO Scoring, to How & Why it was all initially created, or to just quickly resolve any of your pending financial issues.  You will find yourself amazed by using our prewritten "Fill & Print Form Letters that our new DVD offers.  Our new CREDITMEDIC DVD may just prove to be one of the most valuable purchases you will ever make to improve your financial future...Our New CREDITMEDIC "Do-It-Yourself" program will now work for 25 countries in 5 continents!





Another of our newest ventures are our revolutionary medical Anti-Aging products which are produced and distributed via our Fountain of Youth International brandings. Our very protected secrets are that we actually enlisted 2 top Professional Cosmetics Chemist to create our formulas that; so unlike many other "so-called wrinkle removers", actually rebuild the deep tissues of your skin's 3 layers of Dermis.  By reaching these deeper tissues of the skin, our products create a rejuvenation that is called a "Fibroblast." Our astonishing new products are not just one more of those rub on the skin and feel good types.  These new Fountain of Youth products actually work in rebuilding and organizing the collagens and elastins, which are the prominent foundation for your outer Epidermis.  Once these deep skin tissues are fully hydrated the results are a more plump, vibrant & radiant appearance.  We are also presently developing an "injectable all natural formula" to replace these other toxic & questionable injectables such as Botox, etc. ~ So if you want to look younger & more radiant, why not give one or more of our new Anti-Aging products a try?



Offshore Companies are entities such as corporations or limited liability companies [LLCs] that are filed outside of one's country of residence.  The IRS has promoted a "scare tactic" to influence the average person that there is something "illegal" or "risky" about even the word "Offshore", yet the IRS proper is an offshore Trust in Puerto Rico!  People who incorporate companies offshore do so, among other things, when interested in "Asset Protection"- "Business Expansions"-  "Financial Privacy"- "Lawsuit Protection"- "Tax Savings"- "Flexible Business Laws"- "International Financial Diversification"....



There are many offshore jurisdictions that have extraordinarily advantageous legal systems for those seeking asset protection and financial privacy.  Benefits & Facts: The U.S. has a 4.4% of the world's population, yet 70% fo the world's attorneys & 96% of world's lawsuits.  Unlike the U.S.,  most other countries require the loser of a lawsuit has to pay both his attorney fees and his opponent's.  Considering these combined legal costs, this reflects a dramatic decrease in the odds of someone even attempting to sue you. 















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It is our Mission Statement to ensure the Best Customer Service Possible ~ Please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems you may have?

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